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Welcome to Lalun Naturals!

Welcome to the Lalun Naturals Blog!

Here you will find information on the products featured in our website as well as resources and recommendations to help you establish a lifelong healthy and natural personal care regimen. I have been making skincare for over 15 years and have learned some basic rules along the way that I’d like to share with you.

Rule 1:  Don’t expect miracles!  There is no fountain of youth and products promising them are not truthful.  There is research going on with nanotechnology as a transdermal delivery system of nutrients.  Trouble is, those nanoparticles end up in the bloodstream and then what, are they metabolized, excreted or do they build up in our tissues?  They can also increase the load of what is delivered to the body.  I am very careful when it comes to what I put in and on my body and have always shied away from commercial products because of their use of chemical and synthetic ingredients.  Why use those kinds of products when you can find safe and effective alternatives without getting trapped by marketing hype?  Every ingredient I use in my products is edible.  Personally, I won’t expose myself to harmful ingredients when I’m preparing a batch of cream, so that excludes many options.

Rule 2:  Keep it simple!  If your routine is simple, you’re going to stick to it.  I know because I’m basically lazy, besides, I have a busy life!  I’ve been able to stick to my routine because it is simple and effective and has helped me maintain a healthy complexion.  I cleanse my skin at night and moisturize in the morning.  That’s it!  No need for night creams because they interfere with the skin’s night time respiration and no water because it’s drying (for more information see www.lalunnaturals.com.

Rule 3:  Keep it healthy!  That means keep your skin balanced.  If your skin is dry, make sure you find an emollient moisturizer that will hydrate.  If it’s oily, use one that will help control the oil.  If you have eczema examine your diet and skin regimen to determine which allergens are the likely culprits triggering a reaction.  If you have rosacea reduce the amount of oils you put on your skin and don’t expose your skin to temperature extremes (hot water, heated rooms, ski slopes, etc.).

Rule 4:  Learn to read those labels!  What should you stay away from and what should you embrace?  My basic rule of thumb is “if you don’t recognize it, don’t use it”.  I believe in complete transparency although some companies are cagey about their ingredients, even though it’s the law to disclose them at point of purchase.


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