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Sarita Coren’s thoughtful, thorough post on the subject of waterless cleansing includes an insight I’ve never considered in all my years of using oils, that hard water can leaved behind soap and dirt residue which can build up on the skin. This is HUGE!

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IMG_20150423_091921Judging by Maggie Mahboubian’s skin, you’d think she were 10 to 15 years younger than she is. Seriously, the Lalun Naturals founder has retained that coveted youthful glow with nary a wrinkle in sight. And she knows one big reason why: she does not cleanse her face with water.

Intrigued, I had to dig further.

“Water-free oil cleansing is a skin saver for all ages and types because it follows the logic of how our skin functions,” she explained to me over an email and in person when we met at the Healthy Brand Showcase in NYC in March.
“Our skin produces oil (sebum) to help condition our skin, retain moisture, prevent too much moisture loss, protect us from the sun (sebum has a certain spf) and form a barrier against hostile bacteria. This slightly acidic environment (around pH 5) allows probiotic colonies to flourish which help protect us as…

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