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Zero Waste Water Use


Before the drought

After the drought

After the drought (grass is territory of DH)

Here in West Hollywood, where Lalun is based, we have been experiencing a worsening drought over the past 6 years. A few key plants in my garden have been lost during the brutal summers that seem endless, including my gardenias, lavenders and calendulas. This is probably due to less rainfall as well as intense heat which places a burden on plants that are no longer suited to an increasingly desert-like climate.

My gardenias were the first to go.

My gardenias were the first to go.

I practice a type of gardening I call “wild-growing” where I interfere as little as possible with the life cycle of the plants. Basically, I plant things in the ground and welcome volunteers (some call them weeds) but I don’t prune or cut back growth. I allow fallen leaves to mulch, I don’t apply fertilizer other than what I have composted and I water minimally. It’s survival of the fittest, but it also means the plants that thrive are doing so of their own accord and are inherently stronger and more vital.

Bottle washing. Greywater is used to supplement irrigation.

Greywater from bottle washing is used to supplement irrigation.

Since I use many of the plants I grow in my garden for my products, I’d like to find a way to keep them alive without compromising my gardening method. One thought is to supplement my current irrigation schedule by capturing the greywater I use for bottle washing to help the plants that really need it. My bottle washing method involves filling a large stainless steel bowl with warm soapy water for the wash cycle. I use a biodegradable soap that breaks down in the soil without harming my plants. I also use less soap so I don’t have to rinse more than once. All of this water can then be re-used and rotated in my garden.

It’s the perfect Zero Waste solution!


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